Memorial Hall Playing Field


The Gilberdyke Play Area is now completed. The number of children that have used the equipment is incredible, the children appear to love the equipment. The Gilberdyke Parish Council would like to thank the hard working people for getting this from the drawing board to completion. Here is a little movie of one of the first try outs of the play area.


Dog Fouling


Many Gilberdyke residents have noticed that dog fouling is on the increase. Owners are allowing their dogs to foul footpaths, bridal paths, verges and the Memorial Hall Playing Field. Since the field contains a children's play area, dogs are not permitted on the whole of the site. The Parish Council is asking residents to clean up after their dogs and for residents to inform the Parish Clerk of those spotted not cleaning up after their dogs. Bins are scattered throughout Gilberdyke, so there is no excuse, so CLEAN IT UP . . . .


Duck Feeding


Did you know that feeding bread to ducks is not a good idea? Well, you do now!


This Parish Council Public Information document outlines the problems with giving bread to ducks, and what alternatives are available for feeding them.


If residents would adopt this policy, then the Jubilee Pond and area would be cleaner, and safer.

Don't Get Scammed


Scamming is now a way of life, and everyone needs to protect themselves from on-line scams and other forms of fraud.


Don't get caught out!


Download this article published by Humberside Police to learn how to deal with email scams, letter scams, phone scams, even doorstep scams.


Protecting yourself is not difficult - just follow the steps in this publication. And be advised - not protecting yourself against scams is asking for trouble, more than anyone would want.

Memorial Hall Volunteers


The Village Hall are requesting volunteers and new committee members, can you spare some time for them?


Contact info@gwmhall.plus.com or phone the bookings line for more information, 07920039049.

This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain and we can be found in the entry for Gilberdyke.