Minutes and Agenda

Parish Council Minutes


The Parish Council hold their meetings on the second Tuesday of every month, at 7pm in The Meeting Room of Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall.. Members of the public can attend and have an opportunity to speak during the proceedings, however time is limited and typically 15 minutes is allocated in total. Individual members are given approximately 3 minutes per topic to speak.


The Parish Council Clerk is required to display the agenda five working days prior to the next meeting.

The Agenda is posted in the three Parish Council notice boards within the village, namely outside Gilberdyke Post Office, on the south wall of the Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall and within the entrance hall of Gilberdyke Health Centre.




Minutes of recent Council meetings are made available on this website for the convenience of the public. If you require copies of any minutes which you cannot find here, please contact the Clerk.


The minutes do not reflect the meetings verbatim, but they do contain the majority of the topics discussed. The goal of the Council is to be as transparent as possible, which we hope is reflected in these publications. Documents may be edited due to the Data Protection Act and other legal requirements. True copies of the Parish Council meetings and Annual Parish Council meetings are held in accordance with the law and are filed with the Parish Clerk.