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Memorial Hall Playing Field

The Play Area is a very popular addition to facilities within Gilberdyke with the number of children using the equipment is incredible, they appear to love iI - from the small swings and slides  to the exhiliarating zip wire! The Gilberdyke Parish Council would like to thank the hard working people for getting this from the drawing board to completion. Here is a little movie of one of the first try outs of the play area.

Dog Waste

Gilberdyke residents frequently complain about dog fouling and there really is no excuse for not picking up after your dog, but unfortunately some owners are still allowing their dogs to foul footpaths, bridal paths, and verges.

In recent  years Gilberdyke Parish Council have provided free dog waste bags around the village, these free bags were intended to be used in an emergency situation where responsible dog walkers could take a bag to use if they didn’t happen to have one with them, or had already used it.

However it has been increasingly difficult to keep up with the demand for bags, with the dispensers being emptied as soon as they are filled and with anecdotal evidence of dog walkers/owners taking bags in quantity –  apparently, some even travel from neighbouring villages to remove supplies of bags from the dispensers within Gilberdyke!

The Parish Council are conscious that over the last few years every Council Tax payer in the ‘Gilberdyke, Sandholme, Hive and Scalby parish’ has been subsidising this scheme for providing free dog waste bags … whether they own a dog or not, and if they do own a dog whether they carry their own dog waste bags or not.

There is still an issue with dog waste around the village unfortunately and this problem has not lessened whilst the free bags have been available, which confirms that there are still some in the dog owning community who don’t pick up after their dog (sadly) and never will.

The Parish Council is a public body spending public funds and unfortunately this particular scheme has not given value for money to the majority of the residents and therefore the decision has been made not to purchase any more bags once the current stock runs out.

The Street Cleaners do have a small supply of bags that don’t fit the dispensers and will carry these on the Bin Cart until they’ve gone too. 

The Memorial Hall Playing Field.

Since the field contains a children's play area, dogs are not permitted on the whole of the site.

Duck Feeding

Did you know that feeding bread to ducks is not a good idea? Well, you do now!

This Parish Council Public Information document outlines the problems with giving bread to ducks, and what alternatives are available for feeding them.

If residents would adopt this policy, then the Jubilee Pond and area would be cleaner, and safer.


Green fingers in Gilberdyke!

Gilberdyke Parish Council; have recen tly made a small number of allotments to rent at £25/year.

We now have four Tenants occupying all of the four Allotments.





        The Parish Council is fully Supportive of the "Gilberdyke Corona Virus Volunteers Group" and wishes to thank everyone concerned

for their excellent efforts in establishing this Group to support the local Community.





Memorial Hall Volunteers

The Village Hall are requesting volunteers and new committee members, can you spare some time for them?

Contact info@gwmhall.plus.com or phone the bookings line for more information, 07920039049.

This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain and we can be found in the entry for Gilberdyke.

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