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Flooding in Gilberdyke 2007

In 2007 one of the heaviest rainfalls over the UK was felt here in Gilberdyke. Over 100 homes were flooded out. The drainage system failed to work properly, affecting both general water waste and sewer waste. The Parish Council requested funding from the East Riding Council to survey the area to find the problem and propose a solution to resolve, not only short term but for the years to come.

Mason Clerk Associates were appointed to inspect the Gilberdyke area, and a Flood Committee was formed. Mason Clerk Associates were very hlepful, they listened to individuals from Gilberdyke, and the survey was duly published. It can be obtained here in PDF format.

Mason Clark, Survey Report

For more information, please contact the Parish Clerk (, or alternatively feel free to attend a Parish Council Meeting, these meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the Meeting Room of Gilberdyke War Memorial Hall, Clementhorpe Road, Gilbedyke.

The Flood Committee comprised of members of the public and Parish Councillors. The goal was to repair the drainage system in the village in order to prevent or reduce the reoccurrence of the 2007 floods.

Based on the recommendations of the Mason Clerk report and the hard work of the Flood Committee a plan of action was formed and presented at a public consultation. The consultation was favourable to the proposal. A works loan was obtained which funded Phase One of the projects. This was to put a drain running parallel with Scalby Lane and Chestnut Avenue.

Phase Two, undertaken by the East Riding Council, was to extend the drain from where Phase One left off, crossing Station road to the far end of Westbrook Crescent.

As with most projects of this size there were the inevitable delays, however the project was completed in full. For the final Phase Three, the Lower Ouse Drainage Board  approved the installation of a major pumping station at the bottom of Far Drain, to pump water from it into the Ouse.

This project demonstrated the commitment by all who were involved, who had one goal in mind - to complete the project before another such incident happened.

There have been numerous downpours since all three phases were completed - but no reports of flooding.  A job well done...