Gilberdyke Parish Council

For Better Living

Parish Finance

The Parish Councillors are responsible for managing the finances of the Parish Council.

The Councillors approve expenditure at every Parish Council meeting and all cheques require double signatures and to be signed in front of the Parish Council.  The expenditure is then recorded and presented in the Parish Council minutes with the reason for expenditure.

The Clerk is responsible for maintaining this information which is subject to an annual audit by an external auditor.

The auditors have a duty to ensure that money is spent with in Government guidelines for Parish Councils.

Annual Meetings

Parish Councillors meet annually, normally in December, to set the precept for the following year. 

The precept is money obtained through the rates collected by the East Riding Council and presented to the Parish Council in two semi-annual payments.

It is the duty of the Parish Councillors to obtain the best value for money, to prevent wasteful spending, to better the village and maintain it. Note that not all of the village is the responsibility of the Parish council. Private owners, charities and the ERYC have also their duties to perform.

The precept must be approved by the Parish Council, usually at the next Parish Council meeting. It then becomes a decision which is formally recorded in the minutes of the Parish Council.